Arizona College Application Campaign Initiative Results

The Start Up

The Initiative began in 2012-2013 as a trial effort undertaken by the three public universities under the encouragement of the American Council for Education. Although the number of applications was small, this first attempt provided critical information for successful planning of a full pilot program coordinated by the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education in November of 2013. The chart below describes the Campaign growth.


Historical Review of the Arizona College Application Campaign




Impact on Social Capital and Economic Benefit

Research tells us that 93% of high school students say they plan to go to college; yet, just over one quarter (26%) of Arizonans over the age of 25 have obtained a college degree. To address this educational deficit Arizona leaders across the state have come together around a new goal titled Achieve60Az.


The impact of the Arizona College Application Campaign over the last several years clearly indicates that the AzCAC Initiative has the potential to help the state meet the Achieve60AZ. Data collected from the participating schools since 2013-2014 projects the potential results if the Initiative was taken statewide.

One can also get a more complete picture through the student-reported Infographic Summary of from the events. Likewise site coordinators' opinions regarding the success of the campaign can be viewed.

Indicators of Success from 2016-2017 Campaign:

  • Seniors in AzCAC schools reported completing 7,027 applications, and an additional 554 students stated they started an application during this event.
  •  2,567 students said they completed their FIRST college application during the AzCAC event, representing 23% of all seniors at the schools and 31% of seniors completing the survey.

Economic Impact:

The 11,257 seniors in the 54 schools participating in College Application campaign represents just under 23% of all seniors projected to graduate in 2017-2018.  Moreover, 31% of these seniors filed their FIRST application during their school event. This benchmark of FIRST TIME appliers was selected for an important reason: students who applied for the FIRST time during the AzCAC event likely applied due to the peer, school staff, and cohort support/encouragement provided through the campaign.