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General Information  are attending a participating eligible Arizona postsecondary institution. Students who are interested may inquire about
                     the AZLEAP grant at their institution’s financial assistance office.
                     Arizona Teacher Student Loan Program (ATSLP)
                     The ATSLP Program is a need-based forgivable loan designed to financially support and encourage Arizona residents
                     who are junior or senior college students to enter into the teaching profession and teach in an Arizona public school.
                     The maximum forgivable loan is up to $7,000 per academic year for a maximum of three years.  Students must enter
                     into an agreement with the ACPE to teach in an Arizona public school. Additionally, students must sign a promissory
                     note acknowledging the conditions of the loan and promising to repay the loan plus interest if the teaching obligation
                     is not met.
                     Eligibility requirements, applications, and participating institutions for all the above mentioned Arizona State Financial
                     Aid can be found online at
                     Institutional Financial Aid
                     Additionally, each school may have institutional student aid available. For additional information about institutionally
                     sponsored student financial aid, contact the financial aid administrator at the school you are considering. He or she
                     can tell you about all financial aid programs available at that institution. Also, visit the school’s financial aid page on
                     its website for more information.

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